Now We Rise

After what happened in Charlottesville, I feel that as an activist, I must speak out now. It is almost 12:30 at night. I was readying myself for bed, but the horror of the White Supremacist rally kept flooding my newsfeed. I read of the attacks on anti-hate protestors. I read of the Charlottesville driver who killed a woman and injured nineteen others. I think of the two officers now dead, due to this hate.

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Dear Term Life, I actually have the Autism No One Talks About

One of my friends, who also has autism, posted a blog on their Facebook page. The title was, “My Son Has the Kind of Autism No One Talks About”. My friend’s response to the article was not exactly positive. For the sake of anonymity we will call them SA. SA is wickedly intelligent, and at first glance, I thought their reaction to the article was harsh. So I read it myself…

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Love on the Moon: Romantic Advice from a Girl on the Spectrum

I have been with Jared, the love of my life, for four and a half years this month. I first met him when I was nineteen and he was twenty-one. I am turning twenty-four tomorrow, and in three months, I will be married. On a September evening, I will become Erin Kay Warry-Strain. On that evening I will become who I was always meant to be.

My beautiful man and I

In my life, this seems to be the summer of love. Almost all of my friends are in relationships and they are extremely healthy ones. For many of these people it’s the first time they have had a healthy relationship or have even been in a relationship at all. I swear, it’s gotta be something in the water. In the past I have had people ask me how Jared and I have been together for so long. Others have asked me what dating is like for me as someone on the spectrum. I’ve decided it’s time to tackle those topics in this blog today. Concerning that romance seems to be the theme for the summer, it just seems right.

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Mini Blog: Autism Acceptance Month

So recently, as in this week, I have begun to call April Autism Acceptance Month instead of Autism Awareness Month. Here’s why:

It was brought to my attention by a friend of mine that people are aware of Autism. Quite frankly, you have to live underneath a rock to not know that this disorder exists in some capacity. The real struggle is people being accepting. The real struggle is education.

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Laelle: A FolkTale

Laelle: A Folktale

For B.P.W

Laelle was born during the harshest storm of the coldest winter. Her home was an ice world, forever encased in snow. She was born in her mother’s room, surrounded by family and servants. However, it was only when she was placed in her mother’s arms by the midwife that everyone realized—something was quite unusual.

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Mini Blog: Anxiety Through a Computer Screen


With Spectrum Disorders there is often a discussion of real life social interaction and the anxiety that comes with that. However, we don’t really talk about modern technology and the stresses that come with interaction on social media. Today with this mini-blog, I wanted to dive into that. Every day I suffer through anxiety caused by interactions with others. Over the years I have gotten better, but I can’t remember one day where I went without some sort of discomfort in a social sphere.

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The Side Affects of Being Human

Trigger Warning: Depression, suicide, bullying, sexual assault, and unremorseful jackasses. This blog will not be all sunshine and bunnies

I have been wondering about how to tackle this subject for the past three months. I have been trying to find the strength and words to describe all that is going on inside me. This battle, this struggle, has been unrelenting since I was a child. So, I am just going to write, and put it all out there in hopes that this will help someone else.

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A Face of the Resistance

Yesterday I was planning on going to a postcard writing meet up at our local library. It was one of the many things the protesters you have seen on TV had been planning behind the scenes. We were going to write to our representatives since many of those in governmental seats have decided to turn off their answering machines in their offices. Many of us don’t want to destroy things. We don’t want to cause trouble. We just want to be heard. Continue reading

Should a Nazi Be Punched in the Face?

It’s been a long, difficult week, hasn’t it friends? Facebook seems hostile and the news coming out of Washington isn’t the best. Our government is literally trying to silence scientists and their new discoveries. A woman who is “confused” when it comes to disability rights laws might become our Secretary of Education. The Supreme Court is arguing over what level of equal education should be given to disabled students (spoiler: the answer is THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE).

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